Monday, 5 September, 2011

Happy Teach-ing Day!

It has finally happened! After waiting for more than a month for this moment, it finally arrived!! I am still trying to soak in the feeling that surrounds this experience.

Well, I took my first class a Faculty, for MBA students, no less. And what better day to start teaching than on a Teacher's Day! It was nerve wrecking for me to speak in front of 60 students for the first time in my life. But my nerves gradually soothed. I felt more relaxed, more comfortable.

Initially, the dean introduced me to the class and I couldn't help but smile at all the nice words he said about me. After the dean left the class, I was left on my own. My heart beat had reached a new high as I started talking...and I was just praying that the loud thumping of my heart should not be heard by any student. 

Standing on a dais in front of one big class for the first time, wasn't really easy. I gave a brief intro about myself and talked a little and then asked the students to introduce themselves. That set the momentum. And I was pleasantly surprised to know that we had one student from Afghanistan and one from Iran in that class. "Wow! My college must be really popular" I was mentally saying. But after the introduction of all the students was over, there were still 30 minutes left. WHOA! What am I gonna talk about for next 30 minutes?! (I had decided I won't teach them anything much pertaining to the subject in the first class and instead try and mingle with them and make them also comfortable). 

So I just briefly introduced the subject and then asked them if they have any questions for me. And gradually one thing led to another. The students were curious to know more about me....where have I done MBA from, where was I working, what specialisation is good for them, how many holidays will they get, etc. And before I knew it, I was quite relaxed and all the initial jitter had gone. When I walked out of the class, I felt happy and at the same time I felt so much more responsible towards my students. I am not gonna let them down. I think I am much better prepared to take my next class now.

*Fingers crossed*


Gunj said...

The bubble burst with confetti all over you!

Awesome stuff Nidhi...keep up the good work...

Best wishes,

Heart'n'Soul said...

Nice read :)
thnks for visiting my blog and hence introducing me to yours :)

Express said...


Teaching is 1 thing I cannot do, and thus, *salutes*

My mum is a teacher and I've seen all my life that this is a task that requires utmost amount of patience and responsibility. hence, the shying away :D

Goodluck with ur plans!

Nidhi said...

@Gunj - awww...arent you the sweetest!! Thanks a ton :)

@Heart'n'Soul - You are welcome...thanks for dropping by.

@Express - Thanks so much! I really need to develop the "patience" bit :)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

all the best with the teaching nidhi.. coming over to your blog after an year!!

Nidhi said...

@rahul - Thanks so much! :) and welcome back!