Tuesday, 27 November, 2007

Bachpan ki yaadein...

Writing is a weird thing. The last time I posted, it was after a long long gap. And this time I am posting again within a span of few days. My previous post inspired me and I just felt this urge to write about my childhood days.

Got this pic from a cousin of mine a couple of weeks back...it was in her Orkut album. I had a look at the pic and said....
"Gosh!!!! Ye hamaari photo hai???!!!! This is so cute!!!" and asked her to send it to me immediately.

(I am the 2nd from right)

This pic reminds me of the cute, carefree childhood days. Days when we played together....fought with each other...got scolded by elders for drinking cold water and running in and out of the house....when the biggest worries we had in life was that we have to complete our homework before we could be allowed to play again.....when ludo, ghar-ghar, hide and seek used to be really important activities...when we asked innocent questions without the fear of sounding stupid...days when we would not bother about spoiling the crease of our clothes...when we got haircut at the local barber shop....and when a birthday party used to be a really important and exclusive event in our lives. The list is not exhaustive!

A couple of lines reminiscing those good, "young" days....

beet gaye woh din...bas yaadein chod gaye...
hamaare hothon pe...chand muskuraahatein chod gaye :)

Wednesday, 14 November, 2007

Just kiddin' :)

First of all, wishing everyone a Happy Children’s Day...now you’ll ask me
“Why are you wishing everyone on Children’s Day?” coz our logical and social senses justify people only upto a particular age group as children and refrain to believe that there is a kid in each one of us.

Kids are indeed the most beautiful creation of God. A twinkle in their eyes, a cute smile on their face and a sense of absolute self contentment in their hearts make you believe that the world is still a lovely place to live in.

It is so much fun to behave kiddo at times….don’t trust me, then try these things...tickle somebody unexpectedly…splash water ferociously on others when having an outing on a water front...lick and enjoy an ice-cream cone…drink tea holding your cup in both hands and making a ‘slurrrp’ noise...laugh heartily over a stupid joke…get wet in the rains and feel the drops drench your body and soul.....just a few things to find happiness in those little and non-materialistic things.

That’s the whole idea....we adults are way too mature to take pleasure in such crazy stuff, too occupied to revel in the marvels of nature, too unsatisfied to appreciate the little achievements....always waiting for something big and extraordinary to happen that would make us happy....always sulking and grumbling about the things that we cannot change.

So for a change....keep your adulthood aside…take a break from your hectic schedules…and let out the kid in you. It will surely make a difference.....and I am not kiddin’ this time!!!