Saturday, 15 November, 2008

I am here again.

Hello everyone
(though I am not sure after such a long break how many people would be still visitng my blog)

This has been my longest break from my blog....almost 9 months...looks like I had taken a maternity leave from my blog (sad joke, I know!). If you ask me what was the reason for not contributing any junk to the blog servers for so long...I have just three little words to say......"I was lazy".

While I was away all this while, my blog went past one year of its existence. So a very Happy Belated Birthday to you my blog. Though I was not around you all this time, I still love you a lot....mwaah!!! :)

Sometimes you are just too self consumed and detached to take out time for things that matter to you. And thats what has happened in the past 9 months....when I decided to pen down my thoughts a lot many times...but something just kept postponing that ritual.

I had been meaning to write a lot about my life post marriage.....the marital bliss that I have been enjoying....which includes a lot of fun moments....and a few painful ones as well. But it has been an amazing rollercoaster ride. Thanks to my sweet hubby....I travelled to so many wonderful places....experimented with different cuisines....started taking some interest in physical activities like swimming, TT, adventure sports etc. and even became a mature and (hopefully) more understanding individual.

There is so much to write....yet I dont know how should I frame everything in one single post. So before this draft post also goes into oblivion, I better post it. The latest updates are that I am back to Bangalore...Neeraj has taken up a job here and we have permanently shifted to India from US. As of now, I am completely vella and berozgaar and on the look out for some decent job in this recession period. And this berozgaari has made me a complete couch potato. So next time you need to know about the developments in serials like "Baalika Vadhu", "Bigg Boss", "Dill Mill Gayye", etc. etc., you know whom to contact.

The next post wont come after such a long break hopefully, and my love affair with my life would go on forever and ever.

Till then....enjoy the Indian cricket team screwing up England in the on-going ODI series! :)