Monday, 16 July, 2007

10 Things in my (Want) To-Do list

There are a whole bunch of things that I want to do in my life. But for the time-being, 10 things that I would like to do on immediate and short-term basis (not necessarily in that order)

1. I want to go home (home bole toh “Kolkata”….my parents’ place)

2. I want to read latest Harry Potter book (releasing on 21st)

3. I want to enjoy in the rains (and not simply watch it fall from the confines of office!!!)

4. I want to eat home-made aloo parantha and daal baati (mmm… taste buds are already salivating)

5. I want to sue the Reliance wala who sold me such a pathetic net connection (if he’s reading this blog…though the chances are remote….he better start arranging for a good lawyer)

6. I want to confess something as soon as possible…

7. I want to visit Hyderabad to meet one close friend and a cousin (and roam around Hyderabad in the bargain)

8. I want to shop “non-stop” with my old Mumbai roomies again (ahhh…those were the days….sigh!)

9. I want to burn Tom and Jerry series on DVD (yesss….I love Tom and Jerry…..and don’t mind being called kiddish by some mature, well-behaved “Baywatch” watching ppl)

10. I want to watch Bheja Fry (that’s the name of a Hindi movie….jus’ in case it seems to some non-hindi movie janta that I actually want to see someone’s grey cells getting deep fried in groundnut oil)

Outta many of the items from the above list, there are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else……there’s ICICI and HSBC Credit cards!!! ;-)

Wednesday, 4 July, 2007

Sard - not so absurd

I don’t recollect since when I started my fascination for the turbaned hairy creatures, commonly known as Sardars. Now don’t get me wrong…I don’t drool, neither my dil goes Mmm when I see these Sards (Sardars, for short)

My admiration for them limits to the fact that I enjoy sard jokes, keeps fwding them to my limitless friends at alarming frequency and somehow even remember to crack these jokes on a situational basis. Every point is pointless unless proved. Hence here it goes:

A conversation on gtalk with a cousin on a Friday evening from office (it’s about 10:30 PM and I had just finished a hectic deadline, so don’t give me glared looks on reading that I chat from office)

Me: Hi
Cousin: Hi, how are you? Why are you working so late?
FYI: My office hours are as per UK timings
Me: I work 12 in the noon till 12 in the night
Cousin: Ohh! I see. But why?
Me: See you know how fascinated I am to the Sardar clan. That explains the weird timings (for the ppl who are less on Sard IQ, the time 12 (doesn’t matter whether it’s AM or PM) holds a decent significance in the Sard school of thought)
Cousin: Oh yeah, even ur looks resemble a Sardarji (lol)
Me: Haan, you are right. Bas meri dhaadi (beard) mein baal thode se kam hain

Followed by a lot of hahaha, hee hee and lolllllz messages, and a lil more dissection of my looks, we ended our conversation after wishing each other good night, sweet dreams etc, etc.

So you see, even when I am totally brainless after a hard day’s work, I am capable enough to get into my Sard mode.

In one of my thoughtful moods (yes, I do think sometimes, and trust me, I can come up with most whacky topics for thinking) I was just thinking why have we made Sardars, the butt of all jokes (ok…not all, I know there are jokes on Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky as well), but the no. of jokes dedicated to the sard clan is just tremendous. Does that actually mean that these species are actually good-for-nothing morons? I think otherwise, and I am sure a large no. of my countrymen shares my thought. How otherwise do you explain that we have elected Dr. Manmohan Singh as our Prime Minister. Needless to say, Dr. Singh is a very well-learned, intelligent and brainy person.

And I realized that Sardar jokes do not specify a particular caste of people, following a particular religion. No, in fact jokes on Sardars are actually our way of entertaining ourselves about some crazy, senseless, humorous, lively and absent-minded creatures, all of the previously mentioned qualities being present in each one of us in little or big measures.All of us enjoy being silly, totally illogical and irrational person once in a while. In that way, we refresh ourselves, laugh off our tensions for a while and take a break from our otherwise mundane lives.

So if I enjoy Sard jokes, it simply implies that I myself relate to the irrationality of the people who are being aimed at in these jokes. Hold on, what am I doing?? Forgive me, I have in no way any intention of writing a thesis on oh-so-humorous sard jokes.

Just wrote whatever came to my mind (though it seems totally mindless). I probably just enjoy being a Sardar once in a while. Haan iss baat ka dukh hamesha rahega ki meri dhaadi mein baal thode se kam hai :)

A sard joke for all of you to enjoy….

A crow shits on Banta. Preeto gives tissue paper to him.
Banta: Koi Fhayda Nahin, Kauwa Toh Udd Gaya ..!