Saturday, 27 August, 2011

Back to college

I completed one month here a couple of days back. And I have survived.

Well, I am talking about my new job stint as a Faculty in one of the reputed management colleges in Bangalore. I was initially very apprehensive about taking up this job as I have no prior teaching experience. But there were two reasons for taking up this job. First of all, my entrepreneurial venture wasn't really going at the pace as I expected. So I thought that I should may be start a full time job again which would bring some discipline in my unorganized and ill-disciplined life.

Secondly, I used to love the training sessions that I imparted as a part of my job a few years back. And I always thought that few years down the line, I would take up some visiting faculty position and teach.

So when this opportunity came knocking, I grabbed it with both hands. I am so glad I did it! I am enjoying the routine of getting up early and going to work again after a long hiatus of 3.5 years. I like the idea of being presentable and looking after yourself and these things seem to take a backseat when you are working from home. So, after a long gap, I thoroughly enjoyed shopping for clothes and stuff. (Not that I did not have clothes but there is a different sense of euphoria when you join a new job)

There is still some time before I start taking classes and frankly, I am a little nervous. Meanwhile, I am myself doing a LOT OF studying to prepare myself for the lectures. When I was in college and was on the other side of the fence, I never really took the classes very seriously and would study only during exams. Little did I realise at that time that our professors put in so much efforts to deliver one single lecture. Ab jab khudko karna padh raha hai toh nani yaad aa rahi hai :D

When I had completed my MBA in 2003 and got a job, I was thrilled. Guess the thrill was more about the fact that I wouldn’t have to study again and wouldn’t have to take any more exams than about the job. But as they say "Life is something that happens to you when you are busy making other plans" :)

Not that I am cribbing, but it surely took a while for me to get into the groove again and start preparing seriously. But now I feel more confident and much better prepared to face the students and deliver lectures.

The classes would start in another 8-10 days time. I am nervous as hell and keeping my fingers crossed.

It would be one big exam and I want to pass it with flying colors!


Gunj said...

Oh Nidhi I can so relate to you when you say a job brings discipline in your life...and so many other joys which don't seem so important but really are. And how I wish I get back into the grove myself soon! :)

Also, you're bound to pass this test...after all you're better prepared than ever before!

Goodluck and Godspeed

Nidhi said...

@Gunj - Thanks so much! You know what...when I was in your place (leaving my job after marriage and moving to US)..I would watch tele-serials and movies on YOUTUBE! (lol) Enjoy ur time traveling around (the simple joy which takes a backseat when you are in a job) :)

Gunj said...

:) Will it help if I tell you I am planning to leave all this n go back to India and start a venture of my own? :P

laddu said...

yeah teaching is indeed a v tough job.. rem how we used to torture our teachers and used to keep nick names for them :P:P

Nidhi said...

@Gunj - I am yet to discuss your business venture :)

@laddu - Thanks for visting my blog! Yeah I am sure my students must've kept some really funny nicks for me too :D