Thursday, 8 March, 2012


I was never a very creative person. Would rate myself as average on the creative scale. So I never made any awesome paintings or any other such artistic products that many creative girls try out in their free time at home. But recently I came across some paper craft which looked really appealing and beautiful. I thought it might be difficult, but when I searched for it on the internet and watched the “how to…” videos on the youtube I realized it’s doable and does not require too much of fancy basic stuff to start off with. This paper craft is known as quilling. There are lot many things that can be decorated using quilling technique but I started with something which was basic and would not be very tedious or time consuming. I started making quilling envelopes. Below are a few pictures of my quilling envelopes:

3-Tier Flower

Quilled Butterfly and flowers

The only basic things that you require for making these are:
1. Envelopes

2. Quilling strips (easily available on a lot many Indian websites)

3. Quilling tool (it’s a pencil like tool again available on the sites selling paper craft products)

4. Imagination :)

Now after getting the hang of basic quilling shapes, I am motivated to try out something new and fascinating each time. And needless to say, Internet helps. For example, I saw this pattern of “love birds” on one of the blogs on quilling and tried it and made a card for hubby on the valentine’s day :)

This is something that I intend to continue doing in my free time and continue experimenting!


Anonymous said...

Nice card design - the last one.

Nidhi said...

@Anonymous :)

Thanks a was made for someone special :)

Lil Miss Sunshine said...

I liked the designs..
What a creative way to use your time..!! I hope you continue with this venture.

Nice Blog!

Nidhi said...

@Lil Miss Sunshine - Thanks a lot. I dont really get much free time now but yeah plan to start quilling again soon! :)

Jimmy_in_wonderland said...


Its very nice.

I am desperately looking for kit, strips & tools from india. But i am not able to get it. i searched a lot of websites.

can you suggest few online stores where i can pay online visa/bank trfr. pls. mail me at


Nidhi said...

Did you try You might get lot of your basic quilling stuff from there

Devika... said...
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Devika... said...

cute cards!