Saturday, 19 November, 2011

Rockstar - Review

We happened to watch Rockstar last weekend in a theatre nearby our place. A few comments about this movie (spoilers galore!)

1. The movie belongs to Ranbir from the start till the end. He truly rocked. His transformation from a meek and endearing college going kid to an angst-filled rockstar was truly commendable.

2. Nargis Fakhri is so pale that it is impossible to believe her as an Indian girl. Though Imtiaz Ali tried to justify her looks by giving her the character of a Kashmiri girl still she doesn't look the part.

3. Nargis Fakhri just can't act. Her acting totally sucks! So much so that in some senti scenes she actually looks comical.

4. The dialogues in the 1st half are straight forward and witty without any extra sophistication, Sample this: In one scene where Ranbir's mentor asks him if he has ever fallen in love and Ranbir starts thinking. The mentor says "Agar pyaar hota toh ghanta sochna padhta"

5. The 2nd half gets boring and repetitive. Ranbir only keeps some interest alive. Unfortunately his brilliant acting also doesn't make the audience feel his pain and anguish. After the movie, hubby jokingly commented "I could soooo feel his pain!"

6. Being a movie about a music celebrity, I thought the music of Rockstar was just about ok. There was no single number which really caught my fancy.

All in all, Rockstar is an average movie. I had more expectations from it considering it was Imtiaz Ali's movie. But well, it is indeed better than his previous flick "Love Aaj Kal"


Gunj said...

I kinda liked the movie...def not as good as other Imtiaz movies but not so bad either! Ranbir totally rocked it! And you rightly said, looked comical in those senti scenes!

I'm amazed that how could something so obvious be ignored by a director like Imtiaz!!! I mean did he go blind or what??

Par music toh acha tha!!

Nidhi said...

@Gunj - I kinda enjoyed the movie too...but as I said...I have way too high expectations from a director who can make awesomely awesome classics like "Socha Na Tha" and "Jab We Met" :)

Why dont you post your review too...would be fun to read ur side of the story!

utkarsh said...

hello, kya haal chaal...chalo ab movie to nahin dekhni padegi...din know u were still blogging regular..

Nidhi said...

Look who's here :) I am good r u?

I had almost abandoned my blog last year...but then decided to start blogging again..didnt know you still lurk here :)

Express said...

Ah well. I wouldn't watch the movie because:
1. I can't stand the concept. Especially after the Metallica fiasco. And something that is called "rock-star" has got to be a cliche.
2. I can't stand Ranbir, and if this movie belongs to him, I'd rather use that 300 bucks for shopping instead. :P
3. I did not like the songs.
Someone told me tht the background scores and cinematography is commendable, but that is not the reason why i watch a film.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it yea :) Your review was very useful and precise; so, good job, ladki :)

Nidhi said...

@Express - hehe...the movie is not really great as I said in my review....thanks for such a detailed comment :)
and yeah, shopping is always better than watching a crap movie :D

Anand Kumar said...

most of the movies are prdctble....
this is an epic love story. the way the story unfolds was awsum.but ppl dnt say its a waste of money and time.this is a very good movie.miss it at ur own risk

Anonymous said...

I agree..Nargis could NOT act at all. The movie would have been perfect if they picked another heroine with better talent. She had a big part of the film to. I wonder why Imtiaz Ali ignored such an obvious fail to the movie.