Wednesday, 8 August, 2007

Arbit Ramblings

Finally, I saw the movie Bheja Fry and it “moved” me a lot (literally). I was laughing so hard that all the contents of my last meal must be enjoying a salsa dance inside my stomach. Jokes apart, I had a real good laugh after a long long time, kudos to the director for such a clean fun movie.
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I dislike all these horoscopes poking out their weird faces from wherever possible. My Orkut fortune says “You are a master of the situation” when currently I feel anything but a master of whatever is going on in my life. But I admit, in spite of total contradictory revelations on these horoscopes…I still read it. Kya karen…control hi nahi hota!!!
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Sometimes you just don’t get answers to certain most important questions in life. You don’t have control over certain circumstances. Sometimes even though things seem to be as bright, unruffled and smooth as Dimple Kapadia’s hair, they are actually as rough and pinching as a desert cactus. Sab kuch sahi hota hai…lekin phir bhi kuch theek nahi hota. They say there is light at the end of the tunnel…but what if the tunnel just doesn’t seem to end. Hope persists!!! Take things in your stride and accept whatever life throws at you (easier said than done…but worth trying nonetheless)…wotsay??!!!
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Oh c’mon! I cannot end my post on such a philosophical note. Lemme tell you a joke…
On second thoughts, I don’t wanna tell a joke. Am I supposed to entertain everybody at all times and always try and keep a cheerful composure? Even I have mood swings…aur aaj mera joke sunaane ka mood nahi kar raha.

I would be back…on same blog….with another post. Tab tak ke liye Shubh Ratri, Shabba khair…and if YOU are reading this post then pls pls pls take good care of yourself.

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Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

:) .... you nmake me smile everytime i read your blog... joke or no joke...

keep writing...

Shruti said...

Hi dear,
nice post...Very lively..

Take care

Praj said...

well rampbled ... :)

Nidhi said...

@Rahul make me smile everytime I read your comment :)

Thanks...checked your's nice and refreshingly different!!!