Monday, 14 February, 2011

"Lucky" numbers

I dont really associate myself to the evergrowing population celebrating Valentine's Day worldwide (in the typical and cliched manner), but it does feel good to go out of the way and do something un-routinely for a change. So I got a reason and a chance to give N a surprise last Sunday in the name of Valentine's day gift. Apparently, Lucky Ali was performing live in Bangalore and I did not want to miss out this opportunity as we both are ardent Lucky Ali fans.

There was just one problem!

The same day, Indian team was playing Australian cricket team for a practice match in Bangalore (and I had a doubt that N might be planning to go for this match). So I double checked with him a couple of times if he has any plans for Sunday and he definitely got suspicious.

"Are you planning something?" he asked, suspiciously.

"Oh no!" I muttered to myself.

"No, not at all. I was just asking coz a few of your friends are planning to go" I finally managed to say.

"Nopes! Its totally impossible to get the tickets and then, I am not really much enthu about it coz its just a practice match" he said, still looking suspiciously at me.

He kept pestering me till Sunday and when I finally handed him the print-outs for the concert tickets, he was really excited. When we reached the concert venue, we were pleasantly surprised to realise that it is happening in an open air amphi-theater in UB City, one of the most beautiful malls in Bangalore. When the concert started, it was just like any other concert. Some random chap came and started crooning self-composed english songs. We waited and waited till finally Lucky Ali decided to show up.

And then, it was as if we were transported to a different world altogether. Lucky Ali kept belting out one beautiful number after another. There was no hooting and no chaos usually associated with live concerts. Just beautiful, touching and heartfelt songs. Since a sizeable number of Bangalore crowd was busy with the cricket match and Bryam Adams concert (again happening on the same day in some other venue), it was not very crowded. The weather was also just perfect. It felt more like a private performance for a small group of people simply there for the love of Lucky Ali. There were a few song requests and Lucky Ali entertained them all.

When he wasn't singing, he was busy making everyone laugh at his witty jokes and clever one liners. Sample this:

Talking about love:
"Love doesn't necessarily mean.... Well, love doesn't just is..."

Taking a jibe at the hype of Valentine's Day:
"Ahh...the pressures of Valentine's day..."

When talking about his character in "Sur"
"In Sur, the main protagonist is an egoistical person. May be this character resonated with the director's personality"

When someone shouted "Tu kaun hai" (requesting to sing one of his songs "tu kaun hai"):
"Main Lucky Ali hoon..."

We just wanted him to go on and on but he finally ended the concert with one of his father's songs "Aao twist karen". Even after he left we kept waiting for around 5 minutes expecting him to come back and sing may be just one more song. But no, he was gone for good.

"This was one of the best concerts I have ever attended. I am so glad we came for this" N said.

I couldn't agree more :)

one of the shots of Lucky Ali that I took with my phone cam

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