Saturday, 10 January, 2009

Hope 2009 will just be fine.

Happy New Year everyone. I know it's a bit late par kya karun yaar...recently things turned out to be not-so-good at my end. On Christmas, Neeraj met with a shocking and bizarre accident. He was hit on the head by a total stranger while walking on the road after office hours. Things could have been nasty but his presence of mind and a brave fightback saved the day (and his life). Till now I thought such things happen only in movies.....lekin ye life kisi bhi movie ki story se jyaada dramatic hai.

I had to cut short my trip to Kolkata and immediately rush back to B'lore. However, by God's grace, he was fine and out of danger. So all new year plans were dumped and we had a peaceful new year at our home along with my 2 sis-in-laws who had come to visit us after Neeraj's accident.

Though 2008 didn't end the way we had planned but I'll always remember last year for one very simple reason: I got married and started a new chapter of my life...leaving behind a lot of old memories and readying myself to grace a lot of new ones!

Right now I am looking forward to another amazing year of my life. A few things that I want to do in 2009 would be (I feel that putting things in writing makes it easier to execute them...MBA-mentality hai na...can't help it):

1. Learn swimming (yeah, I am a Piscean and I can't swim...what an irony!)
2. Learn guitar.
3. Get a job (abhi tak velli hoon yaar!)
4. Take an adventure holiday.
5. Plan a surprise for someone special.
6. Get in touch with old friends and call and mail them more often.
7. Be involved in any one social service activity.
8. Be more regular in blogging.
9. Watch all the pending movies (and all the new ones too!)
10. Love and enjoy life even more than before!

I think that's a good enough list for now. Would add more as and when required.

Have a safe, healthy, happy 2009...!!!

As an afterthought, my tribute to all those who lost their lives in 26/11 Mumbai attack. May God give strength to their families.

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utkarsh said...

hi....long time ..i was browsing through my posts...and found ur comment've u been...and how is Neeraj's health now...all the best..